CoLo T1 at remote location with private T1

 1/4 rack space in a remote for backup/disaster planning and offsite server space

 Hardware firewall with VLANs separating VolP T1 and data T1

 User/Group access rights via Microsoft Active Directory

 Microsoft ISA server for limiting Internet usage and outside web site access

 Remote data center requires pre-planned monitored visitation

 Local service room access controlled with code based security door

 Administrator rights limited to IT personnel only

 SQL Server Administrator account unique

 All servers monitored daily for security updates

 All desktop/user computers have anti-virus software and policies preventing installing of software

 No wireless access to local area network

 Secure encrypted remote VPN access to network for remote users

Security Conscious

In our ongoing effort to provide the best possible security, is always looking at what we do and how we might do things better.

We take great precautions in everything we do to make sure we stay on top of security. Each customer is provided a unique user name and password for the website.

We contract with an NAID (National Assocation for Information Destruction) certified, bonded, and insured company to shred confidential documents. A background check is conducted on all new employees. We use state-of-the-art encryption for all Internet transactions. In short, we are committed to protecting you.